Taco Bell

Taco Bell came to SapientRazorfish to concept and implement an updated visual aesthetic across their App and web experiences. The app being the primary focus we first put customization on the forefront, moving away from the passive approach and openly encouraging customers to get creative. We also gave users the ability to add items, locations, and orders into a personalized favorites menu and leveraged their most common orders for express reordering. Another perk allows customers to control their pickup time and location along with an in-store or drive-thru preference. We then updated the website to assure a consistent brand experience across the digital platforms.

When we first started the project their existing app was rated within the iOS platform at about 3.2 stars with around 4 thousand reviews give or take. Since the release of our version their rating has jumped to 4.6 stars with about 93k reviews, and still growing.