Southwest Food Tour

Lead designer and art director overseeing consistent graphic implementation covering every faucet of the Southwest Food Tour program including targeting, social, web, packaging, and footage capture strategies.

Program Overview

The California Food Tour was a 360-campaign that provided the opportunity for California locals to enjoy delicious eats at favorite local restaurants in San Diego, San Jose, and Burbank—all in one day.

The Challenge

To position Southwest Airlines as the relevant hometown carrier for 18-34 year-old flyers in the state of California.

The Strategy

Celebrate the things our customers are passionate about in their lives—mostly related to food, friends, travel, and culture/style.

How it Worked

Locals were targeted via email and social, driving them to our microsite where they could learn about the program, vote for a restaurant in each city, and enter to win a chance to join the tour. Once the winning restaurants and participants were chosen, we enlisted 3 influencers to join us and filmed the whole experience to push out on Southwest’s social channels for further engagement.

Program Logo

Style Guide

Awareness Strategy

Leveraged email and social to drive consumers to our microsite.

Targeted Emails

Sent to Rapid Rewards® members within the San Diego, San Jose, and Burbank markets.

Targeted Social

Directed toward local residents within the San Diego, San Jose, and Burbank markets.


An intuitive platform that outlined program context, restaurant voting functionality, and chance-to-win entry.

UX /Wires

Functionality and content strategy.


Applied visuals to content hierarchy across desktop and mobile breakpoints.


Winning restaurants based on consumer voting.
The final results exceeded expectation with over 25,000 CA residents voting and submitting for a chance to win.

Our Participants

The most important part of the campaign? Our participants!
We invited a charismatic host, on-their-game influencers, the winners, and their plus-ones!

Invited Guests

Host and 3 influencers.

Winning Entrants

9 participants from our entry pool generated through the microsite were randomly chosen to join us.

Our Group

Every participant was given a plus one, bringing our total to 26 amazing people who joined us on our food tour.

Prize Package

All of our participants were gifted an exclusive prize package to help make for an exceptional branded experience.

Footage Strategy

Fun, vibrant, fresh and candid was our approach as we wanted the focus to be on the experience first and the food second.


Outlining the day’s schedule, along with an unscripted/candid moment content strategy.

Sketches vs Captured Footage

Directional sketches showcasing our vision compared to captured footage.

Post Event Social

We extended our program awareness by using captured photography along with corresponding copy for static, carousel, and Instagram stories.